Todd Schlereth w/Reliant h2O Church



With summer coming to a close and school on the horizon, H2O is reaching the time of the year that we affectionately call Blitz season. In football, a blitz is a defensive strategy used to disrupt the offensive scheme where a large amount of defensive players go "all in" to rush the quarterback. Similarly, at the beginning of the school year, we as a church want to go "all in," in a rush of energy to pursue freshmen. With thousands of freshman moving in next week, it's our desire to do as much as we can to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus through word and deed.

Above you can see some of our student leaders, Pastor Chad and myself at a weekend Blitz Conference. We joined over 100 students from 4 different campuses in this exciting event. This weekend away in Bowling Green, Ohio helped us pray and prepare for all the work (and fun:) of meeting so many new faces, and hopefully seeing their lives transformed by the Gospel!

To create a shared vision and mission for our student leaders, we decided to adopt a catch phrase called "FreshTEN." FreshTEN is basically this, starting this coming Wednesday, H2O will be hosting or participating in a social outreach event every day for TEN days in order to build relationships with new students. We have found that the trajectory of students lives are often set in that first Ten days while on campus, so we are going ALL INI! Please pray that our efforts will cause students to experience Jesus, build a compassionate community, and bless the University of Akron.

We want God to do big things this fall, and I want you all to be a part of it! Please pray for each event the day it happens for these next 10 days. Below is a list of each day's highlighted event:

Wednesday August 23rd - Outdoor welcome party with food, music and games

Thursday August 24th - Unionpoloza (The university puts on a large event with tons of activities in the Student Union; we will invite students we've meet to hang out at the event, as well and try to meet new students)

Friday August 25th - House party

Saturday August 26th - Volleyball and pizza outside one of the dorms on campus

Sunday, August 27th - New Roo Service with picnic afterwards (this is a worship service geared toward Freshman)

Monday August 28th - Ice cream outing

Tuesday August 29th - Volleyball outside one of the dorms on campus

Wednesday, August 30th - Kickoff Service (We are trying to get the people we meet throughout the week to this worship service)

Thursday August 31st - Kickball tournament on campus

Friday September 1st - Go to UA soccer game together and invite people to a house party afterwards

We will also have our H2O tent set up throughout the week to hand out water bottles and cotton candy, and to connect with students. As you can see we are doing A LOT! Everything we do is to invite people into a loving community and point them to Jesus!

Thank you in advance for your prayers as we aim to love students abundantly for the sake of the Gospel. I can't wait to share with you what God does in the weeks to come!


Todd, Kelley, Josiah and Caroline :)

ALSO- please be praying for healing as I just started treatment for strep throat. This is my favorite time in campus ministry, and the wrong time to be sick!