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Delivered By
Pastor Wayne Presnell
Delivered On
March 30, 2018
Central Passage
Luke 15:1-10
Journeying with Jesus

The sound tech wasn't sure when to start the recording so the first 4 minutes were lopped off.  I rerecorded them, so there is a volume difference at about the 4 minute mark.  A transitional sentence was mangled in the process.  The transition should have been:  "There is a joy in finding somethine that surpassess the joy of possessing them in the first place.  The importance of the lost item necessitates the search."

Hope you find this Good Friday message encouraging.


04-06-2018 at 9:20 PM
Sheila Friedman
It’s amazing to think that our Heavenly Father would move heaven and earth to find us. He is the owner of our soul. If it wasn’t for Him we would not exist. The air we breathe comes from Him. God wants all to be saved.
We need to rejoice and be thankful that He is so patient with us; And loves us more than we can comprehend. 🙏😇
04-04-2018 at 11:42 PM
Donnie Holbrook
Thank you and your wife for coming to pray with me at so early in the morning . God bless you both
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