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Delivered By
Pastor Wayne Presnell
Delivered On
April 29, 2018
Central Passage
Luke 17:1-19
Journeying with Jesus

What tall order caused the disciples to gasp?  And what two elements can be added to faith to make it come alive?  Join Jesus this week by the Galilian/ Judian boarder.


05-11-2018 at 1:50 PM
Sheila Friedman
I’ve been gone, so I’m a little behind with these wonderful sermons.
I loved what you said about writing God a thank you note. Telling Him how “Grateful” we are for all He’s given us. Praising Him in “All” circumstances. Thanking God for someone else, and telling them so. Little things are actually really big things.
I daily am praying to our Heavenly Father and telling Him that I want to follow His orders no matter how big. I know what He instills in me are the right answers. The only answers that will work.
Thank you Pastor for sharing your sermons.
It was very difficult when you and your family left Cloverdale.
But I am able to hear your sermons still. Very thankful.🙏😇
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