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Elevator Etiquette

June 14, 2015, 2:12 PM

Genesis 41

Have you ever experienced rapid exaltation?

I have.

Years ago I went to one of those Christian Music weekends at a Theme Park in Virginia: Kings Dominion.  Andrew had brought a friend named Billy with him that had never ridden a roller coaster before. We had to choose carefully. I choose:


I used some past experience in this choice. I had ridden a coaster suspended from a rail before at Great America: Top Gun. One of the smoothest coasters I’ve been on… and relatively tame.   I didn’t know that within minutes of leaving the station that instead of climbing a hill to descend… we would hear a squeal and then instantly hit what felt like Mach One.   We reached speeds of over 70 mph and then exploded from the top of an artificial volcano (hence the name) and then everything was a blur until we finally were permitted to get out.  Billy, Andrew’s friend, said the ride was fine. But he didn’t feel like riding anymore coasters on this particular trip.

I’ve descended on some fast roller coasters in my life, but I never ascended on so fast in all my life.

Now, Joseph had such an ascending experience. <Read More>

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