Cruel and Unusual Punishment
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Delivered By
Pastor Wayne Presnell
Delivered On
March 26, 2017
Central Passage
Matthew 27:27-32
Love Unstoppable

Cruel and Unusual Punishment is prohibited by the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution. Cruel and unusual punishment includes torture, deliberately degrading punishment, or punishment that is too severe for the crime committed.  Christ would receive this and more as he began to endure shame and punishment for us.  


03-30-2017 at 12:40 PM
Sheila Friedman
And by His stripes, we are healed 🙏❣️
A sermon for us to think about what really happened to Jesus and why.
Pastor Wayne, you've always been a blessing God has given to us. Thanking Him for instilling in you the heart you have for Him.
In His grip~ ❤️
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