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Pastor Wayne Presnell
Date: December 3, 2017
Watershed Moments with God
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Pastor Wayne Presnell
Delivered On
October 10, 2014
Central Passage
Genesis 32:13-22
Jacob's Journey
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The first part of the message did not tape.  It is written here:

Watershed Moments with God

Genesis 32:24-32

Looking at the title of my sermon this morning might puzzle a few.  Watershed moments with God.  What is a watershed anyway and would I want to have a moment with God there? 

It is not, if you were picturing this, a small hut where one gets water.  The term “shed” kind of throws us off.  The term watershed meant an elevated ridge or mountain range that divides two river systems.

Rain falling on one side of such a hill ended up in one river, and rain falling on the other side fell in another.

It began to be used as a metaphor in the late 19th century.  A "watershed" came to mean a dividing line.  A moment in time where one had to fall to one side or the other regarding a decision.  Or it meant an event that forced you to make such a decision.

Have you ever experienced a “water shed” moment in your life?  An invisible line in your walk with the Lord, that after crossing, you were never the same again.

It usually comes out of a stirring from the Lord… sometimes at the heels of a time of questioning.

        For some of us, it came at the moment of conversion.  We had thought that there was no way we could ever believe in Christ, but the questions nagged us so long, that we came to faith in Him.

        For some us believing seemed to be as natural as breathing… we were baptized at age 9, and have always taken part in church life.  Then a crisis hit our lives and we were rocked to the foundations of our beliefs.  And we arrive at the watershed.

In today’s story, Jacob has come to this decisive moment.  God wants him to return to the land… but he will not come back there as the same person he was when he left.  His moment of decision is at hand.

Last week we began to look at Jacob’s journey back to face his brother Esau in Canaan.  He fears his brother will end his life at the end of this trip.

This week the dust finally settles on the camp as the last of the cattle and flocks have been driven on.  Jacob kisses each of his loved ones and then after the tear filled goodbye, sends them away as well.  He is left alone in the camp.  He faces his watershed moment and he is riddled with questions.

Let’s review some of the questions Jacob has to be asking himself at this moment in his life.  

They are some of the same questions we ask ourselves:      

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